For questions, or to speak to
someone about the camp:
Jodi at 403-593-1691
This year, we are offering an opportunity for younger
children to engage in play-based, age-appropriate
musical activities.  Children will be up-close-and-
personal with many instruments as they drum, sing,
listen, laugh, and dance.  

Children will learn the basics of African drumming;
unleash their energy on bucket drums; fine-tune their
motor skills while creating melodies on keyboard
percussion instruments; and exercise their creativity
with fun, music-centric activities and games.

Watch your young child's imagination come alive as
they explore the world of percussion!
Three- and four-year-old kids need room to explore, but
they also thrive knowing that someone is close by for
reassurance and support.  That's why we ask that they
attend the camp with a parent, grandparent, or other
trusted adult.  

Parents, you know your five or six-year-old best.  Some kids
are happy to step out independently at this age, while
others feel more comfortable with a familiar face.  Adults
are welcome to participate with ages 5
& 6, or just to join
us for the last 30 minutes so that we can share with you
what we've learned!
The jamani duo plays an exciting mix of world, classical, jazz, and popular
music on flute and percussion instruments from around the world.
About the instructors:
Matt and Jodi Groenheide are experienced and passionate instructors
and performers specializing in many different types of percussion from
around the world.  They both have Master of Music degrees from the
University of Southern Mississippi and Bachelor of Music degrees from
the University of Lethbridge.  Matt and Jodi have years of teaching
experience, including young children, teens, and adults in conservatory
lessons, summer camps, school clinics, university classes, and more!  
Matt and Jodi love to share their passion for music and community with
everyone they meet!

here to learn more about Matt and Jodi.
jamani hands on! junior

Saturday, July 6
Ages 3 & 4   9:00 - 11:00 am
Ages 5 & 6   1:00 - 3:00 pm

Location: Sundre Community Centre (#3 96 2nd Ave)
Cost: $25
Thank you to each of our sponsors!
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