jamani hands on! offers an opportunity for students to
try their hands at multiple styles of drumming, including
Caribbean steel drums, keyboard percussion instruments,
African hand drums, and creating music out of everyday
objects - such as garbage bins and buckets.  In addition,
children in the ages 7-11 camp will bring home a unique
percussion instrument that they will create and play
over the course of the week.  

Students will put on a concert on the last day of camp to
showcase their newfound talents for family and friends.
jamani hands on! is designed for beginning and experienced musicians alike.  Beginners will learn
important musical skills including rhythm, scales, chords, percussion techniques, and ensemble
teamwork. Students with prior musical experience will be exposed to new musical instruments,
genres, and skills.

Don't miss this fun summer music adventure!
For questions, or to speak to
someone about the camp:

Jodi at 403-593-1691

    Registration fees include:
  • 4 days of instruction
  • Access to many different types of  
           percussion instruments
  • All materials for a make-your-own-
    drum activity (Ages 7-11)
  • Daily snack
  • Camp t-shirt (register by June 10 to  
           receive a t-shirt)
About the instructors:
Matt and Jodi Groenheide are experienced and passionate instructors and performers specializing in
many different types of percussion from around the world.  They both have Master of Music degrees
from the University of Southern Mississippi and Bachelor of Music degrees from the University of
Lethbridge.  Matt and Jodi have years of teaching experience, including young children, teens, and
adults in conservatory lessons, summer camps, school clinics, university classes, and more!  Matt and
Jodi love to share their passion for music and community with everyone they meet!

here to learn more about Matt and Jodi.
The jamani duo plays an exciting mix of world, classical, jazz, and popular
music on flute and percussion instruments from around the world.
jamani hands on!
Summer Drumming Camp

Tuesday to Friday, July 2-5
Ages 7-11   Daily, 9:00 am - noon
Ages 11-16   Daily, 1:00 - 4:00 pm (FULL)

Location: Sundre Community Centre (#3 96 2nd Ave)
$85 (+$65 for each additional sibling)
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