• What are the payment options?
    E-transfer is the preferred method (see COVID-19 information).  However, cash and
    cheque (payable to Matt and Jodi Groenheide) can also be accepted at the time of the
    session.  If paying with cash, please have correct change.

  • Who can participate?  Is there a minimum age for participation?
    There are no age limits for our sessions - just a few guidelines:
  • Bucket drumming is available for participants ages 6 and up (ages 5 and under are
    welcome to do African drumming)
  • A parent or trusted adult needs to be present for sessions with kids under 10 years

  • How many people can participate?
    Maximum four participants at a time. (Some exceptions may apply - please contact us if
    you'd like to discuss this.)

  • Do we need to provide any materials?
    For African drumming sessions, please supply chairs for all participants (we will bring two
    for ourselves).  Very young children may prefer to stand while playing.  Chairs aren't
    needed for Bucket drumming.
  • What are we doing to ensure that our visits are safe and
    meet all AHS guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

  • What if the weather is not good during the time that I've
    We will make every effort to reschedule if the
    weather does not cooperate.  If rescheduling isn't
    possible, you will receive a full refund.  

  • Can we book you twice?  Can we book a session longer
    than 15 minutes?
    Sure!  If you'd like to book a double session or have us
    come more than once, we can teach you two different
    routines (or switch instruments), or we can spend
    longer on a more difficult piece.  Or we can pair up a
    Yard Session with a Sidewalk Concert!
About the instructors:
Matt and Jodi Groenheide are experienced and
passionate instructors and performers specializing in
many different types of percussion from around the
world.  They both have Master of Music degrees from

the University of Southern Mississippi and Bachelor of
Music degrees from the University of Lethbridge.  
Matt and Jodi have years of teaching experience,

including young children, teens, and adults in
conservatory lessons, Kindermusik classes, summer
camps, school clinics, college classes,
long term care
and more!  Matt and Jodi love to share
their passion for music and community with
they meet!

here to learn more about Matt and Jodi.
The jamani duo plays an exciting mix of world, classical, jazz, and popular
music on flute and percussion instruments from around the world.
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Looking for a fun activity for your kids this summer?  
Looking for a fun activity for
     jamani hands on! Yard Sessions
are perfect for:
  • High-energy kids who love to
  • Teens who enjoy music or just
    need something new to challenge
    their minds for a few minutes
  • Anyone whose summer plans got
    disrupted who wants to have a
    little "summer camp" experience
  • You!  Have a couple friends over
    and try something new yourself -
    it's fun and low pressure!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Contact us to book your own jamani hands on! Yard Session.  
We'll come right to your home, set up in your yard, and offer
a fun, interactive 15 minute drumming experience for your
child/children, yourself, and/or anyone else you'd like to
invite!  Whether you'd like to learn some African drumming
or a Bucket drumming routine, we'll personalize the session
to the age and experience level of the participant(s).   

We'll be offering
jamani hands on! Yard Sessions throughout
the summer in the Lethbridge/Coaldale area.  
Plus, we'll be
in the Sundre area from July 13-18!
 Yard Sessions can also be
paired with
Sidewalk Concerts - we'll bring some fun,
eclectic instruments from around the world and play a mini
concert for you!

Recommended donation for each
jamani hands on! Yard
Session is $35.  
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