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"Thank you so much for all
your work! It was fantastic
and the kids LOVED your
concert! I heard such great
feedback from parents,
staff, and kids. Super
excited for our next
adventure!!! We will be in
contact about next year :D"
                     - Christina,
Grade 1-6 Music Teacher, Calgary
"To Jodi & Matt from Kirby
You are good at the instermints you play.  You
were funny when you were realy silly Jodi.  You
are the best I have ever seen.  Matt you are the
best drummer I have ever seen.  That vibraphone
is realy cool.  Jodi good job on fute you'r really
good.  Jodi good job on the piano.  I am going to
miss you at church.  I am also going to miss the
sound of you'r flute at church.  It fits in."
  - A note from a young fan after a performance
"The jamani duo is the most wonderfully talented couple I've ever known! Their educational
performance is filled with so much energy, information, and passion for percussion that it is
absolutely infectious. The students, ranging in age from six to fourteen, as well as staff and
community guests were captivated and attentive. Matt and Jodi played an incredible variety of
percussion instruments and flute. They're very professional, yet approachable and relaxed. They
were so great with the kids, too, responding to questions and teaching them about the places
around the world from which each instrument originated, and how they were made. Even the
science concepts of sound were addressed.
Here are some quotes from students:
"More than awesome!"
"Can they come again next year?"
We would love that! Thanks, again."
                                                                         - Doris, teacher and vice principal, Horizon School Division
" Matt and Jodi are not only talented musicians who gave an excellent, enjoyable and
educational concert but they are also personable and skilled at working with children to enable
them to play percussion instruments and create music in a fun and supportive environment.  
The Olds Elementary School students were thrilled to play the tubanos, djembes and caxixi and
learned so much about making music together as a community.  I would highly recommend
jamani duo both as performers and school clinicians.   
                                                                       - Lois, Grade K-4 Music Teacher, Olds
Student comments from Olds Elementary School:
"Thank you for coming and playing all the
- Sarah, grade 1
"I liked the steel pan drum.  I liked when we got
to the music room and we got to follow along
with the bell."
- Sadie, grade 3
"They did really good music in their concert."
- Elliana, grade 2
"I liked how you showed us all your cool
instruments which we have never seen before."
- Avery, grade 3
"You probably had lots of practice of doing all
that music."
- Mariska, grade 4
"I liked when we played the pizza song."
- Brendan, grade 1
"It was fun playing the djembes and tubanos."
- Ashlyn, grade 3
"You have really big drums."
- Emery, grade 1
"Your music was so beautiful to hear."
- Neki, grade 4
"Your music is really good.  I liked all the cool
sounds the instruments made."
- Autumn, grade 1
"I like when they did the song with the rubber
- Kaylee, grade 2
"Thank you for coming and we liked learning
about drums and also the African instruments."
- Ashton, grade 4
Notes from students at Hugh Sutherland
School, Carstairs:
"I was really interested in the steel
pan for a long time and finally was
able to see and play some this early
year when I visited Caribbean.  Thanks
again for bringing such an amazing
show and was great to see you playing."
       - Lin Tao, after performance
         at Shanghai Music Conservatory
"Our daughter Zoée participated in the jamani
hands on drumming camp in Sundre last week. She
had a great time and we are just thrilled that she
had this opportunity. Thank you to all who
participated in supplying instruments and
coordinating the camp. Matt and Jodi, you are
wonderful coaches!"
       - J.P., father of student at "jamani hands on!"
The jamani duo plays an exciting mix of world, classical, jazz, and popular
music on flute and percussion instruments from around the world.
"Wow!  I really like your music!  It's really happy and
optimistic listening to you.  I hope some day I can attend
one of your concerts."
     - Maria, percussionist and composer, Spain
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"The jamani duo offers a wide spectrum of music, combining
a number of different ethnic percussive styles with jaunts
into the classical and jazzy side of things.  The inclusion of
the flute just expands their repertoire and offers the
audience a variety of pieces.  The talent found in this duo is
astounding as both members are accomplished musicians
with an undeniable connection to each other, resulting in
exciting and sparkling performances.  Don't miss this
dynamic duo!!!"
                   - Bente Hansen, MMus
                               Instructor, Dept of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts
                               Coordinator, Music @ Noon Concert Series